Thursday, October 9, 2014

Off topic doodles!

 I've been doodling when I take breaks from animating for Chuck's 353B class... here are some that I have enjoyed. If you can't tell from the doodle above, I've been burning the midnight oil in the cintiq lab, especially for our midterm this week.

I really enjoyed experimenting with this one. I may even use it for my business cards to give out at CTNx - I have some left over from last year, but I think this image is more vibrant than what I had before.
Out of context this may not seem hilarious, but it was inspired by a comment on Facebook. Beware what you say on the internet, I may just draw it for you. 
My first time animating in photoshop ever, from the first week of this semester.


Now I'm doing all of my film in photoshop, say what?

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