Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aerial Perspective Practice In-Class

Project 4

Right now I've been thinking to do 1920s Great Depression + Anne of Green Gables, specifically the chapter where Gilbert Blythe has to rescue her from playing "Elaine, Lady of Shalot". My other story ideas include Pippi Longstocking and Alice Through the Looking Glass!

I need to decide, I've already done 16 so far...

Skull Painting

This was more difficult than I expected!! xD

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In-Class Filter Exercise

So I started with this non-descript zoomed in photo of cucumbers...

And turned it into this, which I luckily saved...

As it then evolved into this hot mess which I'm not too crazy about.

Then Christian had us start with just a pure white square, and mess with filters until we got something interest! I like how this turned out - I feel like it has a painterly quality that you wouldn't expect.

Here were the steps I used to create the image above - give it a try! It's fun!

(I know, I'm revealing my secrets - a risky move indeed!)

Cheshire Cat Studies and Process