Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Connecting": Idea Development

Best Ideas So Far
1. Connect The Dots
I liked the visual idea of connected dots, be it as simple as connecting the dots, to the dots of the pointillism movement or even connecting the stars in the sky. Connecting the dots applies to the concept of drawing conclusions. In fact, my favorite concept has two people looking at the sky, staring at the stars. It reflects how in ancient times, people would look at the stars, connect the dots, and in them see stories or navigational tools.

2. Connecting Long Distance
Nowadays with technology, we connect with other people with computers/electricity/satellites. But when I was little, it was the concept of pen pals: I had a pen pal in Montana who I loved writing too, and even though we didn't know each other at first, we got to know each other.

3. Love Connection
While it may be tricky to illustrate a concept based on emotions, I was thinking of connecting two hearts, as you get to know someone and fall in love.

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